Experience the taste of Italy!

Momma's concept is to please each member of the family with whatever type of cosine they desire. Now, after establishing Come to Momma, you can finally stop arguing with your family members on what type of food they want to eat. Come to momma serve traditional Arabic food, Italian, American, sea-food and everything you wish for. Not only that, but momma supervises the restaurant on a daily basis as well as adds her touch to all decisions made throughout the day. We guarantee that what we serve you has the best quality and is made with love.

We are located between Khobar & Dammam in a quiet neighbourhood carefully chosen by momma to ensure that all her visitors feel as they were heading to their momma’s house. Once you open momma's doors and don't find her, please excuse her as she is busy in the kitchen, but don't you worry because our friendly waiters are there to take care of you!

Again, our mission is not to start a business. Instead, it's a way for us to create change to our little world by spreading love and joy to our wonderful community.